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Finding Peace in a Time of Unrest

It is almost impossible to ignore the political unrest in our country. Regardless of whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, I hope that we can all agree that what we are seeing unfold across the country is heartbreaking, shocking, and quite honestly, terrifying. If you’re anything like me, you have been obsessively scrolling… Continue reading Finding Peace in a Time of Unrest

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Start Small. Start Today.

When project planning – or designing your ideal life – we are often encouraged to look at the end goal. What is it that we are trying to achieve? The more detailed the better. From there, you are to break down the goal into smaller, more attainable steps. If you are anything like me, you… Continue reading Start Small. Start Today.

Build Intuition
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7 Practices to Improve Intuition

This post contains affiliate links and we may earn compensation when you make a purchase using the links included in this post, at no additional cost to you. When dealing with matters of the heart, I’ve learned that I have to wade through the anxiety to find the true intuition. Sometimes, what I think is… Continue reading 7 Practices to Improve Intuition

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Progress, Meet Comfort

Recognizing and Quieting Your Comfort Zone Voice Just six days before beginning self-quarantine, I sat in the back row of an Isagenix Super Saturday – an event designed to educate, motivate, and inspire current and prospective enrollees. The room was full with people like myself, eager to learn about how to grow their business and… Continue reading Progress, Meet Comfort

Isolated woman
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It’s OK to Feel Moments of Hopelessness

You are not alone. Unless you are streaming television from a subscription service, you can’t escape the around-the-clock Coronavirus broadcasts. Last night, in a matter of five minutes, we watched the death toll increase by seven people. We turned off the TV and, instead, watched as two fire trucks and an ambulance pulled into our… Continue reading It’s OK to Feel Moments of Hopelessness

Before and After Pics
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Finding a Positive Body Image at 36

I turned 36 in December. Aside from being a lovely perfect square (🛑 math teacher/nerd alert), there is nothing special about this age for me. I’m closer to 40 than I am 30, but that hasn’t bothered me yet. What has plagued me my entire adult life, however, is my body image. I’ve never been… Continue reading Finding a Positive Body Image at 36

woman challenging herself
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Challenge Yourself Everyday

Sometimes the day doesn’t go as planned - especially if you’re someone living with chronic pain. And that’s OK. I used to be one who would beat myself up when I didn’t hit my mark for a run - it would ruin the rest of my day. But somewhere along the way, I learned to… Continue reading Challenge Yourself Everyday

2019 in pixels
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My 2019 in Pixels

Lately I've been writing about transforming your life and ways to take the first steps in developing healthier patterns. The first step in that transformation is self-reflection. There are many ways to reflect on your past, and there are many suggestions to organize your thoughts/days/months/years. Last year, I chose to keep track of my days… Continue reading My 2019 in Pixels

Set intentions with a clear path
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Transformation 2020 – Step 4: Setting Intentions

A few months ago, I was listening to The Adult Chair podcast titled The Power of Intentions. In this podcast, Michelle Chalfant described the difference between a resolution and an intention, and immediately I was hooked. We all know that resolutions don’t work – most of the time. If you are part of that lucky… Continue reading Transformation 2020 – Step 4: Setting Intentions