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Always the Perfect Mama

“Yeah, that’s not going to happen.” She said it so casually, and I wish it were true. N recently turned 7. She’s growing so fast, and I love it. People tell me not to wish the years away, but truth be told, I can’t wait until she’s a teenager. You see, I’ve spent the last… Continue reading Always the Perfect Mama

Saying "no"
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I Said “No.”

Have you ever agreed to do something and immediately regretted doing so? Welcome to my life. I do it almost daily because I don’t like telling people “no” – I worry that they won’t like me. I don’t want them to think I am not a team player. I want to be helpful. Truth is,… Continue reading I Said “No.”

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5 Tips for Surviving Single Parenthood

I recently had a friend send me a text: “Hey gf,” it started. “Think I could vent to you some time on the phone about how freakin hard it is to do this parenting thing alone? I feel like nobody can get it unless you’ve been there. So happy you’ve found your special someone! I’m… Continue reading 5 Tips for Surviving Single Parenthood

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When Your Baby is Hurting

She was quiet when she got in the car. It was only the second week of school, and I could tell something was off. “How was your day, love?” I asked N, knowing full well that this isn’t the question that is going to get me answers. “Fine,” she responded, looking out the window. “What… Continue reading When Your Baby is Hurting

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When the Wall Goes Up

Thank God for Ke$ha. First, damn, that girl can sing. But most importantly, she has a way of finding the inner peace hidden deep within my soul on even the shittiest of days and bringing it to the forefront. It may take playing “Praying” on repeat my entire drive into work, and anyone nearby during… Continue reading When the Wall Goes Up

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When Exhaustion Meets Anxiety

Tyler and I both suffer from anxiety – his typically worse than mine because it’s coupled with severe depression. For the most part, I am usually understanding, patient, comforting, and encouraging. And then there are the times when I am not any of those things.  Like today. When my exhaustion met his anxiety. That’s where… Continue reading When Exhaustion Meets Anxiety

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To Have and to Hold, from this Day Forward, you will be my Drug Mule

I’ve been married once before. It was over quick, but it was painful. In more ways than one … “Toon, I’m going to need you to, uh, put this up …” he said as he entered the bedroom, holding a green plastic cylindrical package of a cheap cigar from the local corner store. “What? Put… Continue reading To Have and to Hold, from this Day Forward, you will be my Drug Mule