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Another Year Gone

Dear Danielle, I thought that as the years went by, it would get easier. I mistakenly thought that today would just be another day. When Tyler asked me yesterday how I was doing, knowing your birthday was today, I shrugged, said I felt fine. Today would have been your 37th birthday. This afternoon, like every… Continue reading Another Year Gone

Three Little Girls
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Meet Danielle

Danielle is colorful. She's vibrant. She's energetic, and she's loud AF. You hear her long before you see her - or at least you used to. Colorful. Vibrant. Energetic. And loud AF. 📷: @recovering_addict_db Danielle is my only cousin on my dad's side, daughter of my dad's sister. Part Puerto Rican, half black, and a… Continue reading Meet Danielle

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When Exhaustion Meets Anxiety

Tyler and I both suffer from anxiety – his typically worse than mine because it’s coupled with severe depression. For the most part, I am usually understanding, patient, comforting, and encouraging. And then there are the times when I am not any of those things.  Like today. When my exhaustion met his anxiety. That’s where… Continue reading When Exhaustion Meets Anxiety