Personal growth is a transformational process intended to improve various aspects of your life. There is no limit to the areas where you can focus your attention and strive for development. Whether it is physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, or financial development, identifying the areas of your life that you would like to improve is the first step to growth and lasting change. At The Burnt Bean, we want to support your growth, and provide practical solutions for your continued development.

  • High-Five!


    Give yourself a high-five. Seriously. Do it. Right now. Walk to a mirror, raise your arm, and high five your reflection. I’ll wait. Did you do it? How do you feel? Did you smile? Or giggle a little as you did it? Did you make eye contact with yourself? Did …Read More »
  • I’m not OK.

    I’m not OK.

    I’m not OK. I look like I’m OK. But I’m not OK. I’m struggling. My thoughts are on a constant loop. The to-do list is longer than my baby’s growing body. Seemingly pointless things, but things that nevertheless need to be done. I’ve tried meditating. I’ve tried deep breathing. I’ve …Read More »
  • The Most Important Work

    The Most Important Work

    Pregnant with N nearly a decade ago, a client gave me a wooden sign with this quote. At the time, I questioned the quote. How could the most important work I do be within the walls of my own home when I had a living to make? Besides, I was …Read More »
  • A Good Daughter …

    A Good Daughter …

    + helps where help is needed without complaining. + is appreciative of the shelter, food, and clothing even when it is cramped, overcooked, and out of style. + puts family first and her own needs last. + doesn’t whine or draw attention to herself. + shows up even when she’s …Read More »
  • Intentions > Resolutions

    Intentions > Resolutions

    Why do I believe that intentions are greater than resolutions? Because at the start of every year, I’d have a list of resolutions. Things I was certain I would maintain all 365 days. I expected absolute perfection, as though the simple flip of the page on a calendar would suddenly …Read More »
  • How is it 2022?

    How is it 2022?

    Another year in the books. 2022, you say? My mind and soul are still trying to process 2020 – what proved to be my most difficult adulting year. It pushed me to my mental limits. It was so difficult that I didn’t even notice it ended. The last two years …Read More »
  • The Negative Self-Talk Loop

    The Negative Self-Talk Loop

    The negative self-talk loop is unrelenting. Most days, I can’t catch a break. Some days, I remember to employ strategies learned in therapy to negate and disprove negative thoughts, but lately, even that has only added to the stream of negativity that flows freely through my mind. At the root …Read More »
  • Finding Peace in a Time of Unrest

    Finding Peace in a Time of Unrest

    It is almost impossible to ignore the political unrest in our country. Regardless of whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, I hope that we can all agree that what we are seeing unfold across the country is heartbreaking, shocking, and quite honestly, terrifying. If you’re anything like me, …Read More »
  • Start Small. Start Today.

    Start Small. Start Today.

    When project planning – or designing your ideal life – we are often encouraged to look at the end goal. What is it that we are trying to achieve? The more detailed the better. From there, you are to break down the goal into smaller, more attainable steps. If you …Read More »
  • Goodbye, 2020.

    Goodbye, 2020.

    It’s been real. But before we close the book on this crazy, upside down year, let’s take a moment to reflect. I think we can all agree that it’s been quite the year. Nothing any of us could have possibly imagined. For some, the year was an opportunity to slow …Read More »
  • Another Year Gone

    Another Year Gone

    Dear Danielle, I thought that as the years went by, it would get easier. I mistakenly thought that today would just be another day. When Tyler asked me yesterday how I was doing, knowing your birthday was today, I shrugged, said I felt fine. Today would have been your 37th …Read More »
  • 7 Practices to Improve Intuition

    7 Practices to Improve Intuition

    This post contains affiliate links and we may earn compensation when you make a purchase using the links included in this post, at no additional cost to you. When dealing with matters of the heart, I’ve learned that I have to wade through the anxiety to find the true intuition. …Read More »
  • Let Your Kids Fail

    Let Your Kids Fail

    It’s in your grace where they learn to succeed. We all want to protect our children – it’s who we are as parents. They are your flesh, your blood, your sleepless nights, and all of your shining moments. Those kids sitting in front of you covered in jelly and powdered …Read More »
  • The Stories we Tell Ourselves

    The Stories we Tell Ourselves

    What stories do you tell yourself? Are you aware that you even have a story? When we can separate ourselves from our stories, we can sidestep an imminent argument Yesterday afternoon, after a few hours of work, my phone rang. It was the HVAC technician telling me he arrived for …Read More »
  • How to Effectively Use A To-Do List

    How to Effectively Use A To-Do List

    Your To-Do List Will Never Be Finished, So Stop Trying To Get To The End of It I LOVE lists. I’m not kidding. I have lists EVERYWHERE. A grocery list, a list of yoga and network marketing videos I want to watch, a chore list, a list of business action …Read More »
  • Managing Your Time When You have Nothing But Time

    Managing Your Time When You have Nothing But Time

    Quarantining has given us nothing but time, but sometimes, too much time can be counterproductive to progress. Learn how you can structure your time to maintain motivation and progress: I’ve always been a scheduler. I have daily agenda books, calendars, to-do lists, and schedules out the wazoo. Seriously. One look …Read More »
  • Progress, Meet Comfort

    Progress, Meet Comfort

    Recognizing and Quieting Your Comfort Zone Voice Just six days before beginning self-quarantine, I sat in the back row of an Isagenix Super Saturday – an event designed to educate, motivate, and inspire current and prospective enrollees. The room was full with people like myself, eager to learn about how …Read More »
  • It’s OK to Feel Moments of Hopelessness

    It’s OK to Feel Moments of Hopelessness

    You are not alone. Unless you are streaming television from a subscription service, you can’t escape the around-the-clock Coronavirus broadcasts. Last night, in a matter of five minutes, we watched the death toll increase by seven people. We turned off the TV and, instead, watched as two fire trucks and …Read More »
  • Things to Do During Social Distancing That Aren’t Binge Watching Netflix

    Things to Do During Social Distancing That Aren’t Binge Watching Netflix

    As an American, our duty right now is to social distance. Whether you believe this is serious or not, our government officials and health organizations do think this is serious. Until they understand the complexities of the new COVID-19 and just how serious this is STAY HOME. This doesn’t mean …Read More »
  • Finding a Positive Body Image at 36

    Finding a Positive Body Image at 36

    I turned 36 in December. Aside from being a lovely perfect square (🛑 math teacher/nerd alert), there is nothing special about this age for me. I’m closer to 40 than I am 30, but that hasn’t bothered me yet. What has plagued me my entire adult life, however, is my …Read More »
  • Challenge Yourself Everyday

    Challenge Yourself Everyday

    Sometimes the day doesn’t go as planned – especially if you’re someone living with chronic pain. And that’s OK. I used to be one who would beat myself up when I didn’t hit my mark for a run – it would ruin the rest of my day. But somewhere along …Read More »
  • My 2019 in Pixels

    My 2019 in Pixels

    Lately I’ve been writing about transforming your life and ways to take the first steps in developing healthier patterns. The first step in that transformation is self-reflection. There are many ways to reflect on your past, and there are many suggestions to organize your thoughts/days/months/years. Last year, I chose to …Read More »
  • Transformation 2020 – Step 4: Setting Intentions

    Transformation 2020 – Step 4: Setting Intentions

    A few months ago, I was listening to The Adult Chair podcast titled The Power of Intentions. In this podcast, Michelle Chalfant described the difference between a resolution and an intention, and immediately I was hooked. We all know that resolutions don’t work – most of the time. If you …Read More »
  • Transformation 2020 – Step 3: Make a Declaration

    Transformation 2020 – Step 3: Make a Declaration

    Today is the day that you decide who you are and where you want to go. If you’ve been following along with the steps to transform your life in 2020, you reflected on the past year and reminded yourself of your values. Now it is time to turn those values …Read More »
  • Transformation 2020 – Step 2: Examine Your Values

    Transformation 2020 – Step 2: Examine Your Values

    In July 2009, I was on a plane on my way to Spain. I was running away from another failing relationship, spending money I didn’t really have to spend, and hiding from the truth I would only come to recognize six years later: I needed to change my life. I …Read More »
  • Transformation 2020 – Step 1: Self-Reflection

    Transformation 2020 – Step 1: Self-Reflection

    I’m ashamed to report that a majority of my adult life – the time between my high school graduation and my 30th birthday – I didn’t know the power of reflection. I assumed that everything that was happening in my life was a result of things happening TO me, that …Read More »
  • What Does 2020 Look Like for You?

    What Does 2020 Look Like for You?

    Let’s be honest. 2019 was rough. Based on the posts, funny memes, and comments I see as I scroll through FaceBook, most of you will agree. 2020 cannot get here soon enough. For many, midnight on New Year’s Eve ushers in a new beginning, a new year, a new chance …Read More »
  • My Chronic Pain is Manageable

    My Chronic Pain is Manageable

    – and other lies I tell myself The pain is excruciating. I can barely breathe. It is so bad that I chose to take a painkiller today – something I don’t ever do because I hate painkillers. I hate the way that painkillers change my mood. I hate how they …Read More »
  • See the Need. Be the Change.

    See the Need. Be the Change.

    To The Man Stranded at the Gas Station: I saw you when I first pulled in. You were pacing around the gas station, phone in hand, anxiously scrolling. It was clear that you were making phone calls, and whoever you were calling wasn’t answering. I watched you approach another man …Read More »
  • Panic Attacks and Failure

    Panic Attacks and Failure

    Remember that day that I was bragging about my accomplishments and my dedication to my commitment? I was so proud. And like I said in that post, pride is one of those seven deadly sins. And probably for a good reason. Maybe I put out a bad vibe in the …Read More »
  • Being Proud of Your Commitment

    Being Proud of Your Commitment

    I’m going to brag for a minute because I’m proud of myself. Proud. It’s been made out to be such a dirty word – it’s unbecoming to be proud of oneself. It’s considered a deadly sin, to be proud. But when you work your ass off and you start seeing …Read More »
  • I Said “No.”

    I Said “No.”

    Have you ever agreed to do something and immediately regretted doing so? Welcome to my life. I do it almost daily because I don’t like telling people “no” – I worry that they won’t like me. I don’t want them to think I am not a team player. I want …Read More »
  • Kill Them With Kindness

    Kill Them With Kindness

    We took N and a friend to a Fall Festival today nearby. It was crowded and the lines were long, but the joy on my sweet girl’s face when she was finally called up to get her face painted was worth every second in line. The delicious (and totally sugar-packed) …Read More »
  • Paralyzed by Fear

    Paralyzed by Fear

    Where most people see peace, I feel fear. My heartbeat, pulsing in my ears, is deafening. The hair on the back of my neck stands at attention as a shiver runs down my spine. Sweat collects in the folds of my clenched palms and adrenaline floods my veins, making my …Read More »
  • Overcoming Anxiety

    Overcoming Anxiety

    Last week, I posted my first video blog. It was terrifying – and it took me all day to get it done because I wanted to avoid it. The topic of the video was overcoming anxiety, and today’s post is the written version of that video. How can you overcome …Read More »
  • When Danielle Shows Up

    When Danielle Shows Up

    I’m not a very spiritual person. Sometimes I say this matter-of-factly, other times I say this out of exasperation, other times I say it wistfully. It’s not that I don’t believe in a higher power, because I think I do. I know that I don’t buy all of the religious …Read More »
  • Accepting Vulnerability

    Accepting Vulnerability

    Vulnerability. It’s a scary word with so many negative connotations. Most humans, I feel, try to avoid feeling vulnerable. We’re scared of what could happen if we allow ourselves to feel any hint of vulnerability. In my non-therapist opinion, I believe that vulnerability is the start to every argument, disagreement, …Read More »