Partner with Us

We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you! We write to share helpful information with our readers, and we’d love to help you get your message out.

Tyler and I are excited to hear about your ideas for partnership. Some possibilities could include:

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Guest Posts
  • Sponsored Destination Visits
  • Speaker Engagements
  • Social Media Campaigns

But the list is endless! What do you have in mind? How can we help?

Our passion is helping others and so our goal at The Burnt Bean is to normalize life’s challenges and to help our readers recognize that they aren’t alone. Through our stories of mishap and misadventure, we share our true selves. We share our experiences with anxiety and depression and how they impact our lives as parents, partners, and adults. Through our blog and social media accounts, we offer tips, tricks, and suggestions that we employ every day to help us through the most challenging of times. Whether it be a product, a course, a book, or a vacation, if it will help our readers to find the joy when their world feels heavy, we share it. We would love to help you promote your product!

For more information on any of our collaboration opportunities, availability, and pricing, please email Tina at