Our Story

I have never been a dreamer. I have always been a doer. I’ve been practical, focused, determined – the person you come to when you need something done. And then I had a moment – more like a year worth of “moments” – that led me to question my path, my future, and why I was working so hard at something so unfulfilling.

Whose path was I on? How did I get there? And was I moving in a direction that brought me closer to my true self?

And most importantly, who is my true self?

These are the questions that plagued my mind during the year of “moments.” I didn’t know who I was or whose life I was living. It certainly didn’t feel as my own.

I was only certain about one thing: I was not living a life I was proud of. I was not living a life I wanted my daughter to witness.

I wasn’t partaking in illegal activities, and nothing I was doing was putting my daughter’s life at risk. But I wasn’t setting a positive example about how to fight for your dreams. I wasn’t living the life I wanted to live, and I was unhappy, bitter, and quite snippy.

Then a single mom to a four-year-old spunk and sass filled daughter, I quit my stable teaching job – one that had me on a path to leadership and security – and exchanged it for a life of greater uncertainty. But with that uncertainty came opportunity – the opportunity to explore my passions, to be more present, and to discover my true self.

June 2020 marked three years since that journey began. The transition away from all the things I thought I should be to the soulful, spontaneous woman inside is still full swing. I’ve learned an immense amount about myself during this transition. I’ve held my own feet to the fire, and I’ve hired coaches to reignite the flame when I’ve lost all desire to go on. I rediscovered my intuition and have given her a platform from which she shouts warnings and encouragement. Most importantly, I found my true self and I let her shine … most days.

The journey is far from over. I’ve come to understand that there is not a final destination. There will be no “Welcome to True Happiness” sign alerting me to my arrival. Living a life that honors one’s true self is a daily practice. It is daily choices, deep breathing, compassion, understanding, and patience. It is about discovering – and rediscovering – every day, things that make your soul dance and your heart sing. Every day is not a perfect day. I will never live in eternal bliss. But the path I am on, that path is the one that is honoring my true desire to be free, to be happy, and to love fiercely.

With the support of my patient (and dreamy) husband, Tyler, I have been able to unpackage decades of baggage, healing many of my childhood wounds. Every day, he encourages me to demand better of myself, and patiently walks with me through the weeds to see me through to brighter days.

My mission is simple: to offer you guidance, love, and support as you uncover the baggage that is preventing you from discovering your true self; to ignite the flame in your soul so that you, too, can live a life that makes your soul dance and heart sing.

Readers of The Burnt Bean will find practical advice to improve every facet of life: organization, time management, finances, health and fitness, home life, and relationships. Some strategies will focus on our surroundings: home organization, healthy meals, a delicious cup of coffee, or holiday decorations. Some posts will offer tips to alleviate areas of stress: finances, parenting, or time management. And others will ask you to dig deep, to challenge your most steadfast beliefs, and to rise above any expectations you may have of yourself, your friends, your spouse or your children.

Whether you are here for the simple tips to streamline your morning routine or for the support you need to rediscover your passion and drive to take that first step toward that lifelong dream brewing inside, I hope you find our advice helpful, applicable, and motivating. Regardless of where you are or where you want to go, we are here to support you along your journey, Redesigning Life from the Ground Up.

Create peace in your world.