Our Story

Hi, friend! The Burnt Bean here. I’m better known as Tina, but I consider myself to be a little burnt, overly roasted, and perfectly imperfect. My story starts about 36 years ago, and while there have been plenty of mishaps, misadventures, and misfortunes, I consider myself to be a fighter. Like actually a fighter. Up until I met my future husband and #1 fan, I had the characteristics one would attribute to a fighter: cold, emotionless, and taking zero crap from anyone – especially the (then) three-year old.

I ran a tight ship, was never late, was always put together, and rigid AF. As a single mom, it was what worked, how I could work 12-14 hour days with a toddler in tow 24/7.

Enter Tyler.

A tall, dreamy, laid back bartender, i.e., everything I wasn’t. But man, did he rock my world. It didn’t take long for him to teach me the ropes – how to chill out, enjoy life, and find the joy in every day. And so, here were are, forging our own path to freedom from the daily grind – finding a way to purposefully add more joy to our lives.

We both suffer from anxiety and depression. Some days you’d never know – especially Tyler – he hides it all behind that megawatt smile and those bright blue eyes (have I mention how dreamy he is?). But I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve. Some days, it takes an insane amount of effort to shower. You’d think a household with two adults paralyzed with anxiety and depression would be a disaster – and maybe you’re right. But we make the best of it. Besides, who better to understand the grips of mental illness than a fellow sufferer?

Our story is full of heartbreaking and sometimes hilarious adventures. We hope that through our story, we can help others feel normal and comfortable talking about their own challenges with mental illness. It’s a crazy world out there – our goal is to provide insight and inspiration through our own story, support through camaraderie, and a community who believes in you and all the love you have in your heart.

Welcome to our world!