How is it 2022?

Another year in the books. 2022, you say? My mind and soul are still trying to process 2020 – what…

Another year in the books. 2022, you say? My mind and soul are still trying to process 2020 – what proved to be my most difficult adulting year. It pushed me to my mental limits. It was so difficult that I didn’t even notice it ended. The last two years have blended into one another 2020/1. No beginning and no end. Just one continuous long season of what has felt like impossible darkness.

Except in this darkness, I have found tremendous light.

Although 2021 continued to be heavy in many of the same ways of 2020, it proved to be a year of beauty. A year of growth. A year of miracles.


? I discovered my “not this” – what I know I truly do not want for my professional life. I haven’t quite painted the entire picture of “this” … but I know clearly, NOT THIS.

?I found my voice (in some areas). I learned to set a boundary and hold it (mostly). When things feel very “life or death,” boundaries seem easier to hold.

?? I learned to let others help me. It’s hard to do everything yourself when you can’t even bend over to put on your own socks.

? I proved that even when I think I can’t, I can. Committing to a medication-free natural birth has a way of teaching that lesson.

? I discovered that my ability to love is limitless. My heart changed forever the moment Baby P was placed in my arms.


As we welcome 2022, I take with me the lessons learned from two very difficult years, and am open to the lessons 2022 wants to teach me – perhaps her teaching methodology can be gentler than her predecessors though ?

?? What lessons from 2021 will you take with you into 2022? ??

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