December 26, 2020

Prior to quarantine, I often left the house long before sun-up and returned home well after dinner time. Tyler and…

Prior to quarantine, I often left the house long before sun-up and returned home well after dinner time. Tyler and I would try to meet in the city during my long workdays for coffee, even if there was just enough time to grab the pre-ordered coffee and sneak a quick kiss.

When quarantine began, we had, like many others, more time at home together. The days quickly began to fade into one another with no true beginning or end. Weekend, weekday? None of it seemed to matter anymore. Tuesday was Friday was Sunday. We felt scattered and weirdly disconnected from one another, even though we were within 20 feet from one another at all times.

Enter our morning coffee dates.

We discovered that we were missing those special moments of connection that stood out from the rest of the day. Those moments when we could quiet the chaos around us and sit with one another to share a conversation over a cup of coffee. Every morning since that discovery, we start our day together with a hot cup of coffee and time to connect. Some mornings we do a crossword together. Other mornings we discuss the plans for the day. And some mornings the air is tense as we debate politics, the economy, and the health of our world.

But regardless of where our headspace is, we take the time to share that moment together every day. It’s become an important ritual for us, and something I want to bring to my readers. Coffee Klatsch is my opportunity to connect to my readers in a way that is personal, in a way that allows you to get to know me better, but also encourages you to reach out, to share your story, and to allow me to get to know you.

I hope that you’ll find my musings inspiring, motivating, and at the very least, entertaining. Here’s to starting our day with a chance to connect.

Until next time,

Create peace in your world,



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