Coffee Shop Reviews

The Search for my kind of Coffee Shop

I'm relatively new to the coffee scene. It wasn't until chaperoning a week long sixth grade field trip to Utah when I realized I needed coffee in my life. Time changes, caring for 36 eleven and twelve year olds, a house in the middle of the isolated Zion National Park, and being away from N made for long, sleepless nights. And I needed to be awake during the day, thus coffee was introduced into my life.

I started with black coffee and cinnamon.

Most people who drink coffee would make a face in disgust. Black coffee? Cinnamon? What is wrong with your palette, Melendez?

It morphed into Bullet Coffee with coconut oil.

And then I went through a sugary phase of Caramel Macchiatos. And finally, I settled on three shots of espresso with a shot of steamed milk, cinnamon, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and honey. Not too sweet, but also not bitter.

The trouble is that I am struggling to find a coffee shop that serves amazing coffee and has a relaxed, comfortable, low-key and welcoming atmosphere. I've found Starbucks to be too corporate and other shops to either have great coffee or a great atmosphere - but not both.

And thus my search for my kind of coffee shop began. I'm on a mission to find it and so wherever we go, I search out the local coffee shops. Somewhere along my search, I decided that I needed to open my own coffee shop - to serve my type of coffee in my type of atmosphere. And so my search for the perfect coffee shop has turned my coffee addiction into market research. These are the stories of my adventures in coffee.

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