Baby in Wrap
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I’m not OK.

I’m not OK. I look like I’m OK. But I’m not OK. I’m struggling. My thoughts are on a constant loop. The to-do list is longer than my baby’s growing body. Seemingly pointless things, but things that nevertheless need to be done. I’ve tried meditating. I’ve tried deep breathing. I’ve tried walking. Journaling. Listening to… Continue reading I’m not OK.

Important Work Quote
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The Most Important Work

Pregnant with N nearly a decade ago, a client gave me a wooden sign with this quote. At the time, I questioned the quote. How could the most important work I do be within the walls of my own home when I had a living to make? Besides, I was a teacher – that was… Continue reading The Most Important Work

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A Good Daughter …

+ helps where help is needed without complaining. + is appreciative of the shelter, food, and clothing even when it is cramped, overcooked, and out of style. + puts family first and her own needs last. + doesn't whine or draw attention to herself. + shows up even when she's ill, injured, or in need… Continue reading A Good Daughter …

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Intentions > Resolutions

Why do I believe that intentions are greater than resolutions? Because at the start of every year, I’d have a list of resolutions. Things I was certain I would maintain all 365 days. I expected absolute perfection, as though the simple flip of the page on a calendar would suddenly cause me to become more… Continue reading Intentions > Resolutions

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How is it 2022?

Another year in the books. 2022, you say? My mind and soul are still trying to process 2020 – what proved to be my most difficult adulting year. It pushed me to my mental limits. It was so difficult that I didn’t even notice it ended. The last two years have blended into one another… Continue reading How is it 2022?

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The Negative Self-Talk Loop

The negative self-talk loop is unrelenting. Most days, I can’t catch a break. Some days, I remember to employ strategies learned in therapy to negate and disprove negative thoughts, but lately, even that has only added to the stream of negativity that flows freely through my mind. At the root of all these thoughts: I… Continue reading The Negative Self-Talk Loop

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Finding Peace in a Time of Unrest

It is almost impossible to ignore the political unrest in our country. Regardless of whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, I hope that we can all agree that what we are seeing unfold across the country is heartbreaking, shocking, and quite honestly, terrifying. If you’re anything like me, you have been obsessively scrolling… Continue reading Finding Peace in a Time of Unrest

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Start Small. Start Today.

When project planning – or designing your ideal life – we are often encouraged to look at the end goal. What is it that we are trying to achieve? The more detailed the better. From there, you are to break down the goal into smaller, more attainable steps. If you are anything like me, you… Continue reading Start Small. Start Today.

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Another Year Gone

Dear Danielle, I thought that as the years went by, it would get easier. I mistakenly thought that today would just be another day. When Tyler asked me yesterday how I was doing, knowing your birthday was today, I shrugged, said I felt fine. Today would have been your 37th birthday. This afternoon, like every… Continue reading Another Year Gone