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Finding a Positive Body Image at 36

I turned 36 in December. Aside from being a lovely perfect square (🛑 math teacher/nerd alert), there is nothing special about this age for me. I’m closer to 40 than I am 30, but that hasn’t bothered me yet. What has plagued me my entire adult life, however, is my body image. I’ve never been… Continue reading Finding a Positive Body Image at 36

woman challenging herself
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Challenge Yourself Everyday

Sometimes the day doesn’t go as planned - especially if you’re someone living with chronic pain. And that’s OK. I used to be one who would beat myself up when I didn’t hit my mark for a run - it would ruin the rest of my day. But somewhere along the way, I learned to… Continue reading Challenge Yourself Everyday

Woman in Pain
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My Chronic Pain is Manageable

– and other lies I tell myself Meme Credit: Memes Monkey The pain is excruciating. I can barely breathe. It is so bad that I chose to take a painkiller today – something I don’t ever do because I hate painkillers. I hate the way that painkillers change my mood. I hate how they make… Continue reading My Chronic Pain is Manageable

panic attack
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Panic Attacks and Failure

Remember that day that I was bragging about my accomplishments and my dedication to my commitment? I was so proud. And like I said in that post, pride is one of those seven deadly sins. And probably for a good reason. Maybe I put out a bad vibe in the world. Maybe I was too… Continue reading Panic Attacks and Failure

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Being Proud of Your Commitment

I’m going to brag for a minute because I’m proud of myself. Proud. It’s been made out to be such a dirty word – it’s unbecoming to be proud of oneself. It’s considered a deadly sin, to be proud. But when you work your ass off and you start seeing changes in yourself, you should… Continue reading Being Proud of Your Commitment