High Five Reflection
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Give yourself a high-five. Seriously. Do it. Right now. Walk to a mirror, raise your arm, and high five your reflection. I’ll wait. Did you do it? How do you feel? Did you smile? Or giggle a little as you did it? Did you make eye contact with yourself? Did you question the purpose of… Continue reading High-Five!

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The Negative Self-Talk Loop

The negative self-talk loop is unrelenting. Most days, I can’t catch a break. Some days, I remember to employ strategies learned in therapy to negate and disprove negative thoughts, but lately, even that has only added to the stream of negativity that flows freely through my mind. At the root of all these thoughts: I… Continue reading The Negative Self-Talk Loop

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Another Year Gone

Dear Danielle, I thought that as the years went by, it would get easier. I mistakenly thought that today would just be another day. When Tyler asked me yesterday how I was doing, knowing your birthday was today, I shrugged, said I felt fine. Today would have been your 37th birthday. This afternoon, like every… Continue reading Another Year Gone

Build Intuition
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7 Practices to Improve Intuition

This post contains affiliate links and we may earn compensation when you make a purchase using the links included in this post, at no additional cost to you. When dealing with matters of the heart, I’ve learned that I have to wade through the anxiety to find the true intuition. Sometimes, what I think is… Continue reading 7 Practices to Improve Intuition

Empty Classroom
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Let Your Kids Fail

It's in your grace where they learn to succeed. We all want to protect our children – it’s who we are as parents. They are your flesh, your blood, your sleepless nights, and all of your shining moments. Those kids sitting in front of you covered in jelly and powdered sugar – they are your… Continue reading Let Your Kids Fail

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The Stories we Tell Ourselves

What stories do you tell yourself? Are you aware that you even have a story? When we can separate ourselves from our stories, we can sidestep an imminent argument Yesterday afternoon, after a few hours of work, my phone rang. It was the HVAC technician telling me he arrived for his socially distant HVAC spring… Continue reading The Stories we Tell Ourselves

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Progress, Meet Comfort

Recognizing and Quieting Your Comfort Zone Voice Just six days before beginning self-quarantine, I sat in the back row of an Isagenix Super Saturday – an event designed to educate, motivate, and inspire current and prospective enrollees. The room was full with people like myself, eager to learn about how to grow their business and… Continue reading Progress, Meet Comfort

Isolated woman
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It’s OK to Feel Moments of Hopelessness

You are not alone. Unless you are streaming television from a subscription service, you can’t escape the around-the-clock Coronavirus broadcasts. Last night, in a matter of five minutes, we watched the death toll increase by seven people. We turned off the TV and, instead, watched as two fire trucks and an ambulance pulled into our… Continue reading It’s OK to Feel Moments of Hopelessness

Super Child
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Parents: It’s Our Job to Bolster and Protect the Mental Health of Our Children

Especially now, when their world has been turned upside down It wasn’t until my daughter sat silently in the backseat of the car with tears streaming down her face that I realized she was as anxious and overwhelmed by today’s new world as we are. As an educator, I’m embarrassed to admit this, but truth… Continue reading Parents: It’s Our Job to Bolster and Protect the Mental Health of Our Children

Man standing alone
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Things to Do During Social Distancing That Aren’t Binge Watching Netflix

As an American, our duty right now is to social distance. Whether you believe this is serious or not, our government officials and health organizations do think this is serious. Until they understand the complexities of the new COVID-19 and just how serious this is STAY HOME. This doesn’t mean that you are quarantined to… Continue reading Things to Do During Social Distancing That Aren’t Binge Watching Netflix