Spill Your Beans

Introducing the new "Spill Your Beans" feature!

Each week, I will post a question or a prompt at the end of a post. It is an invitation for you to comment directly on the blog or privately in your journal – or even by simply considering the question. Sometimes the questions will be quick, surface-level questions, and others, you’ll want to spend more time thinking about what I posted, and how my message resonated with you.

Below is a list of the blog posts that contain a SYB Question!

  • When Your Baby is Hurting

    When Your Baby is Hurting

    She was quiet when she got in the car. It was only the second week of school, and I could tell something was off. “How …Read More »
  • Overcoming Anxiety

    Overcoming Anxiety

    Last week, I posted my first video blog. It was terrifying – and it took me all day to get it done because I wanted …Read More »
  • When Danielle Shows Up

    When Danielle Shows Up

    I’m not a very spiritual person. Sometimes I say this matter-of-factly, other times I say this out of exasperation, other times I say it wistfully. …Read More »
  • The Moving Meltdown

    The Moving Meltdown

    We’re moving. Unexpectedly and suddenly. The why is a story for another day. First, we’ll talk about what it’s doing to my head. Anyone who …Read More »
  • When the Wall Goes Up

    When the Wall Goes Up

    Thank God for Ke$ha. First, damn, that girl can sing. But most importantly, she has a way of finding the inner peace hidden deep within …Read More »