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Challenge Yourself Everyday

Sometimes the day doesn’t go as planned – especially if you’re someone living with chronic pain. And that’s OK. I used to be one who would beat myself up when I didn’t hit my mark for a run – it would ruin the rest of my day. But somewhere along the way, I learned to give myself the space to be gentle with myself. It’s allowed for growth – both mentally and physically – that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Today wasn’t a good run day, but I still clocked in 3 miles, which is more than I would have had I stayed in bed.

Get out there and do something that challenges yourself today, but remember to be patient with yourself and understand that mastery doesn’t happen overnight.

Also, side note, huge shoutout and CONGRATULATIONS to fellow #TeamOC teammates Jeris and Megan for completing their first half-marathon this morning 🎉🎉🎉 Way to WIN THE DAY!

Interested in reading the blog I referenced in this video? Find it here: 11:11

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