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My 2019 in Pixels

Lately I’ve been writing about transforming your life and ways to take the first steps in developing healthier patterns. The first step in that transformation is self-reflection. There are many ways to reflect on your past, and there are many suggestions to organize your thoughts/days/months/years. Last year, I chose to keep track of my days in pixels.

I am a big bullet journaler. I love to plan and draw, and I’ve recently found my love of lettering. And so a bullet journal was right up my alley. While researching the best bullet journal pages, I came across this idea to keep a “My Year in Pixels” graph. ­čś«

A graph?!?!

It spoke to my math teacher heart.

And so, I pulled out my journal, my fun colored markers, my mini ruler, and I got to work.

Setting Up Your Year in Pixels

I chose six different colors and gave them labels:

TEAL: Energetic, motivated

GREEN: Average, routine

YELLOW: Overwhelmed, anxious

PINK: Low energy, unmotivated

PURPLE: Sensitive, down

RED: Irritable, moody

How to Use a Pixel Graph

Every day, at the end of the day, I reflected on how the day went. What was the overwhelming feeling of the day? Some days, as you can see in the graphic below, I couldn’t decide between two emotions and so I split the day between the two.

my year in pixels
My 2019 in Pixels

But why do this?

Well, I found that it kept me accountable at the end of every day to reflect on my day. What went well? What was I feeling? How could I make tomorrow better? And, it helped to ensure that I wasn’t allowing myself to sit in a funk. Sometimes we can get stuck in a negative thought pattern, and until we call attention to it, we are unable to break the cycle.

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